Foundation welcomes new board members


Swedish Covenant Hospital Foundation recently welcomed three new board members. Learn more about what inspires them to support Swedish Covenant Hospital.

Barbara Johnson

Barbara Johnson has seen Swedish Covenant Hospital change and grow in the 30 years she has lived in the neighborhood. She realizes the importance of the hospital, providing much needed services close to home, and serving as an economic engine for the community. This inspired Barbara to bring her 30 years of healthcare experience to the Swedish Covenant Hospital Foundation board.

“Swedish Covenant Hospital is an important resource, and it is vital that it remains an independent hospital serving the needs of the community,” Barbara said.

Since joining the Foundation board in 2016, Barbara has enjoyed learning more about the clinical offerings at Swedish Covenant Hospital, specifically improvements in the emergency department that will enable Swedish Covenant Hospital to better serve our neighbors. As a member of the board, she hopes to be able to strengthen partnerships between Swedish Covenant Hospital and local businesses.

Read Barbara Johnson’s Bio.

Julianne Migely

Before joining the Foundation board earlier in 2017, Julianne Migely was already familiar with Swedish Covenant Hospital as a community member, a patient, a member of Galter LifeCenter and through her work as a healthcare consultant. It was through these multiple avenues that she grew a deep affinity for the hospital.

I have always felt a strong connection to Swedish Covenant Hospital and I want to see it succeed,” Julianne said. “I think it plays a critical role in the community.”

Julianne appreciates the excellent care delivered by Swedish Covenant Hospital physicians, and its innovative programs and leading-edge technology.

“Swedish Covenant Hospital is a strong example that you don’t need to go far for your care,” she said.

As a member of the Foundation board, Julianne hopes to help Swedish Covenant Hospital fulfill its mission to provide compassionate care by being a good steward of where Foundation funds are allocated. In addition, she hopes to build awareness of the hospital and is services.

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Laura Zung

Laura Zung became acquainted with Swedish Covenant Hospital professionally through her position as CEO of the Lancaster Health Group, which owns and operates skilled nursing facilities including Fairmont Care, located within blocks of the hospital. She believes Swedish Covenant Hospital shares the same values as Fairmont Care – to provide excellent community-based care to a diverse patient population. Over the years, Fairmont Care has supported Swedish Covenant Hospital with quality patient care, the Annual Benefit Gala, Summer Social bike helmet give-away, and other community based initiatives.

“As a neighborhood hospital, Swedish Covenant Hospital does good work in a tough health care environment,” Laura said. “As one of the last and strongest independent hospitals in the city, I want to see Swedish thrive and continue on for another 150 years, because the hospital provides a really valuable service to our community.”

More recently, she formed a personal connection with the hospital when her father was a patient.  She is delighted to report that her father received high-quality, personalized care and he’s now a regular patient of Swedish Covenant Hospital physicians.

Laura believes that the Foundation’s support of the hospital’s mission is important, and successful collaboration between the two will greatly impact patient care.

Read Laura’s Bio.

To learn more about the Swedish Covenant Hospital Foundation Board of Directors, click here or contact the Foundation at or 773.293.5121.

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Zacharias supports SCH with BOB fundraisers


When Aaron Zacharias was approached by one of his employees about hosting a fundraiser for Swedish Covenant Hospital nearly 11 years ago, Aaron agreed with one caveat – to make it fun. Aaron, managing partner at Bar on Buena, collaborated with the Swedish Covenant Hospital Associates’ Board to create the Bar on Buena Beer Tasting Fundraiser.

“We wanted to create an intimate event that brought in experts from our suppliers to benefit a great cause,” Aaron said.

At the time, beer-tasting events were few and far between. But, as the local craft beer landscape has changed, and more events crowd the market, Aaron has tweaked the event to successfully help it grow. Changes include expanding the local breweries participating, to introducing whiskey and cocktails. As a result, the event continues to bring in a crowd of young professionals from the local community, as well as Swedish Covenant Hospital employees.

In addition to offering tastings, suppliers typically donate prizes such as bicycles, a travel refrigerator, and gift baskets for the raffle, which raises $1,000 each year.

Aaron believes it is important to give back. He lives in the neighborhood, and he and his wife use Swedish Covenant Hospital for their healthcare.

“I like what Swedish does and the event is tangible and direct way to give back to a local organization,” Aaron said.

This year’s event, held in September, raised more than $3,500 for the Violence Prevention Program at Swedish Covenant Hospital.

“We are so excited to be celebrating our 10th year at Bar on Buena,” said Kayleigh Hamre, Associates’ Board officer and long-standing member said. “Thank you Aaron and the Bar on Buena team for the unconditional support. Bar on Buena generously shared their space, amazing staff, delicious food, and killer raffle gifts with the Associates’ Board for the past 10 years allowing us to host such a rewarding and successful event year after year.”

The Swedish Covenant Hospital Associates’ Board is a group of young professionals who raise funds, increase public awareness and perform community service on behalf of SCH. They hold fundraising events throughout the year, including Bar on Buena Beer Tasting Fundraiser and a Bags Tournament.

To learn more about the Swedish Covenant Hospital Associates’ Board or to join, click here, or contact the Foundation at or 773.293.5121.

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Gala raises $860,000 for survivors of violence


On Saturday, October 21, Swedish Covenant Hospital supporters, including hospital physicians and community leaders, came together at Palmer House Hilton for the 62nd Annual Benefit Gala, Moonlight Oasis. The event raised $860,000 for the Violence Prevention Program, a program created to help identify and respond to patients affected by domestic violence, human trafficking and sexual assault. Dr. Kavita Singh and Ron Chadha chaired the event.

“It was an honor to serve as the chairs of the 62nd annual gala, and lead efforts to support such an important cause at Swedish Covenant Hospital,” Dr. Singh said.

David A. Dwight was honored with the 2017 Spirit of Compassion Award. David Dwight’s connection with Swedish Covenant Hospital began immediately – he was born at Swedish Covenant Hospital. David put himself through college, working as a security guard at Swedish Covenant Hospital while pursuing an undergraduate degree from North Park University. Most recently, David retired as President of Covenant Ministries of Benevolence, a position he has held for 15 years. Throughout his 37-year career and many leadership roles in the Evangelical Covenant Church and Covenant Ministries of Benevolence, David always strived to do his best to minister and care for those less fortunate who are living on the margins of society. David’s leadership is one of exemplary service with compassion, integrity and humility.

Special thanks to elite sponsors Swedish Covenant Hospital Medical Staff, Medical Express Ambulance Service, Inc., Continental Electrical Construction Company, Covenant Ministries of Benevolence, North Park University, PNC, Swedish Covenant Physician Partners and Wintrust for your partnership.

Also, thank you to all of our supporters – Chairs Dr. Kavita Singh and Ron Chadha, and Co-Chairs Drs. Angel Rivera and Emily Rubenstein, the gala committee, gala sponsors, guests, and volunteers – for making the 2017 gala a success.

View photos from the 2017 Gala.

To learn more about the Annual Benefit Gala, click here or contact the Foundation at or 773.293.5121.

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Patients grateful for new lymphedema clinic


Sandra Simmons had been living with excess fluid in her legs for years. The swelling caused issues with mobility – she had difficulty navigating the four steps to leave home or even putting on socks and shoes. It also led to frequent hospitalizations where she was given diuretics intravenously to reduce the swelling. It wasn’t until last year that she officially received the diagnosis of lymphedema. Sandra was recently referred to the newly created Lymphedema Clinic at Swedish Covenant Hospital to receive the care she needs to reduce the excess fluids and improve her quality of life.

According to the National Lymphedema Network, lymphedema is an abnormal collection of high-protein fluid just beneath the skin. This swelling, or edema, occurs most commonly in the arm or leg, but it also may occur in other parts of the body. The swelling associated with the condition affects the patient’s quality of life, making it difficult or impossible to drive, walk or even find properly fitting clothes.

The Lymphedema Clinic at Swedish Covenant Hospital began serving patients like Sandra in July 2017. In the two months since the program started, the clinic has treated 11 patients. Patients are seen two to four times per week. According to Juanita Robinson, staff nurse and Certified Lymphedema Therapist, while there is no cure for lymphedema, treatment can better manage the condition and help patients lead more productive lives.

“What I like is that patients have renewed hope,” Juanita said. “Patients say that they’ve never felt so good.”

The clinic is unique in that it fills a gap in service for patients with lymphedema. Prior to the opening of the specialized clinic, many patients would not have been able to receive treatment because insurance companies often refuse coverage if the patient does not have a lymphedema-related wound.

The clinic is made possible through the generosity of donations to Swedish Covenant Hospital. Funds supported training for the lymphedema therapist, Juanita, and patient treatment including manual lymphatic drainage, garments and pumps for patients, when needed.

In just two months, Juanita and Christina Wagener, Wound Care Center manager, have observed significant improvements in patients. Since the program has started, they have seen a patient’s calf circumference go down as much as 12 cm. It typically takes one month of treatment for improvements to be seen with the combination of massage, compression garments and a pump.

“Before and after each appointment, the nurse measures my legs and I’m always surprised at how much of a difference there is from the beginning of the program,” Sandra said.

To learn more about supporting programs like the Lymphedema Clinic at Swedish Covenant Hospital, click here or contact the Foundation at or 773-293-5121.

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Edgebrook Women’s Club partners to care for SCH babies


Babies exposed to drugs in utero require special care, especially in their first few weeks of life. Among their many needs, these babies require constant motion. To provide this extra care, nurses and other staff in the Swedish Covenant Hospital Family Birthing Center often needed to take turns holding and comforting the babies. Thanks to a generous donation by the Edgebrook Women’s Club, Swedish Covenant Hospital was able to purchase a rockaRoo infant seat that provides a gliding motion to help soothe babies.

Edgebrook Women’s Club is a neighborhood advocacy, social, and philanthropic organization whose philanthropic mission is to care for women and children in the community. The 120 members ranging in age from 27 to 93 contribute financially, as well as time and talent to support a number of philanthropic initiatives in the community.

In addition to the rockaRoo, members of Edgebrook Women’s Club have contributed hand knit items, including hats, booties and other items through their “Soft Touch” campaign. This campaign was designed to help meet the needs of newborns, women and families who are patients of Swedish Covenant Hospitals’ Family Birthing Center and nursery. The campaign began in June 2016.

“We really appreciate what Edgebrook Women’s Club does for Swedish Covenant Hospital,” said Maria BaMaung, MBA, BSN, RN, director of nursing for the Family Birthing Center. “They have been so supportive of the needs of our patients.”

According to Maria, the nurses enjoy picking out a special item or two for the 2,200 babies born each year in the Family Birthing Center. Each baby is given a hand-knit item to take home with them. These items provide warmth, comfort and security to newborns adjusting to the world around them. In addition, they have collected receiving blankets to provide to the unit.

“We chose to partner with Swedish Covenant Hospital because we realize that it has a significant presence in our community,” said Judy Heyworth, president of Edgebrook Women’s Club. “Their building of the Mayora Rosenberg Women’s Health Center demonstrates that they align with our mission to care for women, children and families.”

To learn more about supporting the Family Birthing Center at Swedish Covenant Hospital, click here or contact the Foundation at or 773-293-5121.

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